SSI Try Scuba Experience

By Mulberry Divers - SSI Diamond Dive Centre
£40.00 £33.33 (ex. VAT)

This is a 90 minute activity with a SSI Dive Professional to introduce you to scuba diving. Access to Digital Learning materials and a Digital recognition upon completion are all included. Sessions held regularly in Selsey and Bognor Regis.

About This Product

This Experience ("Taster') session will  give you the chance to breathe underwater and experience weightlessness!

The session starts with an introduction to the equipment you will use (what it is, how to wear it and how to use it), the basics of breathing underwater and how to communicate with your SSI Dive Professional. Then you get to breathe underwater and practice neutral buoyancy so you experience the closest to weightlessness on Earth.  Once you are comfortable we will show you one or two simple skills and let you enjoy yourself in a safe environment. We hold the SSI Try Scuba sessions in heated swimming pools in Selsey and Bognor Regis and they are open to anyone aged 8 and over.

On signing up to your SSI Try Scuba Experience you gain access to free SSI Digital Learning materials (available on desktops, tablets and mobiles (Android and iOS)) to help prepare you to get the most from your SSI Try Scuba session. Afterwards you receive a Free Digital recognition card, visible in the SSI App.

If you complete a SSI Try Scuba session and then book the SSI Open Water Diver course within 7 days of completing your Try Scuba then we take the price of the Try Scuba off the price of your Open Water Diver course.

Note - in order to ensure that you are safe, the following paperwork must be completed: please follow the links below, print/complete and send us a copy (photo is acceptable initially) of each item

Course Booking Form; this provides us with your contact information, sizing (so we can provide the correct equipment) and your email address which will become your username to access the SSI Digital Learning materials.

- SSI Try Scuba Medical Form; please answer YES or NO to each question;

  • if you answer Yes to any question, we will need to see a Fit to Dive Medical prior to any in-water activity - please contact us and we will supply a form for you to ask your GP to sign. 

- Privacy Statement 

Once we have received your completed paperwork and payment, we will contact you to propose dates for your Experience. 

Please contact us (01243 601000 or if you need additional information or want to enquire about specific dates.

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